What is up with ZachmanInternational.com?

What is up with ZachmanInternational.com?

Zachman.com is the only web site home of Zachman International and John A. Zachman. It is the only place where John actually controls the content. We know this is confusing, because while Zachman International is the name of our company, zachmaninternational.com is NOT our domain.

ZachmanInternational.com is not under John's control, nor is the domain owned by him, nor is any content on the site authorized by him or his trademark. Yes, it looks like a place to get Zachman Framework information, however this information is from someone else, not John Zachman or Zachman International. We are not aware of the quality or validity of this content.

There was a time where there was some collaboration with the owner of zachmaninternational.com, however this has not been the case for several years. John has requested that the information be taken down and that the electronic book no longer be sold, however it appears that these requests have not been granted.

We are unaware of what is distributed on this site. We would in no way discourage you from looking there, however it is up to you to make your decision about it's content.

One last note, please do not contact us regarding problems with the e-book. We do not manage it's content nor it's technical operation or lack thereof.

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