DoDAF Green Belt Syllabus



The Green Belt is exactly half of the full Black Belt program and ends with a certificate of completion.  Within 2 years you can come back to register for the second portion to complete the CEA Black Belt with another practicum.

01. Framework Basics

CSUEB Course: EXSP 8680/ENGR 7806

(4 CEU or graduate academic units)

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • Framework background, history, and planned evolution
  • Dealing with organizational culture in applying DoDAF
  • Project Management for DoDAF
  • Overview of relevant government regulations
  • Uses of architectures and DoDAF 2.0 “fit for purpose”
  • Framework philosophy, concepts and definitions
  • DoDAF views and viewpoints
  • Overview of six step process
  • DoDAF 2.0 52 types of models (products) overview and relationships
  • Details of government regulations and reporting requirements
  • Class Example Architecture Workshop
  • Case Studies, comparison with other Frameworks and methods, and overview of Universal Reference Resources for the DoD Framework

02. Planning for Architecture Development and Use

CSUEB Course: EXSP 8681/ENGR 7807

(4 CEU or graduate academic units)

  • Details of six step architecture process
  • Use of architectures
  • DoDAF and the relationship to Systems Engineering
  • Selection of models and tailoring flexibility
  • Relationship of framework architecture models to BPI and system development methodologies
  • Architecture governance and maintenance
  • Planning and scheduling for architecture development
  • Tools Workshop
  • Planning Workshop

03. Core and Support Product Development

CSUEB Course: EXSP 8682/ENGR 7808

(4 CEU or graduate academic units)

  • Overview of view points and their core products/models and relationships
  • All Views viewpoints and models
  • Standards Vie point and models
  • Capability Viewpoint and models
  • Operational Viewpoint and models
  • Systems Viewpoint and models
  • Services Viewpoint and models
  • Relationship to DoD TRM and JTA
  • Workshop

04. Advanced DoDAF Modeling and Analysis

CSUEB Course: EXSP 8683/ENGR 7809

(4 CEU or graduate academic units)

  • Overview of models and their relationship(s) to each other
  • All Views supporting products overview (details to be covered in Course 5)
  • Modeling Approaches – BPMN, IDEF0, IDEF1X, UML, SYSMIL
  • Business and Activity Modeling with workshop
  • Data Modeling (with Mini-Workshop)
  • Security
  • JCIDS and JCIDS Case Study



Practicum will be presented on the first day in the morning of the second in-class session of the CEA Program.

CSUEB Course: EXSP 8664

Practicum Project Development, Write-up and Presentation (2 CEUs)

  • Formal presentations, critique and grading of individual project developed during the first week and month online of the program based on the SOW developed in the beginning of the program

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