Custom Training and Costs

Custom Training and Costs

FEAC Institute has Enterprise Architecture Programs for all Sectors

Designed for the organization/agency with custom needs that may require utilizing proprietary information in their practicum, or just need additional or tailored information to be taught. We have customized courses for State agencies, major corporate systems integrator contractors to the DoD, and other Commercial organizations and can assure you that we are able to accommodate these needs in every way.

NOTE: All FEAC™ faculty and instructors are covered by a confidentiality agreement with our Institute and therefore are required to keep confidential any intellectual property of your organization.

customiconCustomized Enterprise Architecture Programs

CEA Program Fee for Government (15 Person Min) $10,000 per person
CEA Program Fee for Industry and Commercial (15 Person Min) $11,000 per person
Green Belt certificate Government $5,000 per person
Green Belt certificate Industry and Commercial $5,500 per person
3 Day Workshop Fee $1,600 per person
5 Day Workshop Fee $2,000 per person

Additional Discounts

Program Volume Discount More Info (requires 5 or more attendees)
Workshop Volume Discount More Info (requires 12 or more attendees)
Note: Awards and other discounts do not apply to the custom programs.

Zachman Framework Training and Certification

Zachman Framework™ Training and Certification

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The FEAC Institute offers access to training and certification in the Zachman Framework™ offered by Zachman International®, who's home is at www.Zachman.com. 

As the foundational Enterprise Architecture Framework, or ontology, more and more Enterprise Architects are flocking to this coveted certificaion for it's scientific, ontological approach to EA, which takes architects away from just building models, to solving General Management problems in the Enterprise through science and analysis.

The Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect program enables working professionals to develop the theoretical and technical skills needed in the 21st century workplace. More and more companies are looking for employees or consultants who can demonstrate command and deliver results in this wide body of knowledge. Some of those now even making Zachman Framework certification a requirement.

A distinctive element of this program is "reality-based learning," or the process of integrating theory with work and life experience. Practical in its design, the Zachman Certified Courses gives today's Enterprise Architects the opportunity to strengthen their skills as well as broaden their understanding of industry trends and the use of The Zachman Framework. This program grants a professionally relevant certification, opening up opportunities for career advancement and enhanced marketability. It is also a valuable tool for companies and organizations striving to set a higher standard for internal and external performance assessment, establishing hiring criteria, and improved market positioning.

In the 4-day, hand's-on modeling workshop, we develop the science behind EA, as derived from the Zachman Framework Ontology. We'll be looking at real-life examples and case studies from real consulting projects and finally give you the ability to answer the question "how do I use The Zachman Framework?" We "workshop" how to build and implement PRIMITIVE models and then actually see how that once you get some primitives built, then creating and changing the composite models and implementations in order to get at General Management problems is quite simple. We explore this by using several methodologies and tools that will help you "implement" the Zachman concepts in your enterprise. Understanding this "science" offers great capability to EAs for analysis and simulation solutions in their enterprise. It is a different EA paradigm!

All FEAC CEAs are eligible for a 50% discount when registering for Zachman Certification. Use Discount Code FEACCEA on check-out at zachman.com - subject to verification.


*Because www.zachman.com is the ONLY home of Zachman International and the ONLY place for Zachman Framework certification that is approved and authorized by John Zachman, the courses you see advertised on this site have links for registration to www.zachman.com. Sadly, there have been several organizations offering "Zachman" certification, which is a misuse of the Zachman® trademark and worse, not at all what John has envisioned for certification in the Zachman Framework. This small caveat is just to inform you why the registration links take you to www.zachman.com. 

Check out the full Zachman® Certification details and training dates at: zachman.com

Featured Clients: 

ZI Customers


What Type of Training Do I Want?

What Type of Training Do I Want?


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feac programs r4 c1
feac programs r5 c1



  1. Pick your track: FEAF or DoDAF
  2. Choose your course:
    1. Foundations in Enterprise Architecture Bootcamp
    2. ACEA Green Belt Certification
    3. CEA Black Belt Certification
  3. Choose the Live or ONLINE option
  4. Choose your course start date (courses start in the Fall, Winter and Spring)
  5. Get your CEA or ACEA certification and take your career to the next level!  



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Many individuals from the organizations listed below have achieved professional Enterprise Architecture Certification. Note the list of clients does not represent an endorsement of the FEAC™ Program. This list is a matter of public record.



Army Def Med Log SS Army AIMD TRADOC Air Force HQ OSSG Air Force USJFCOM
Air Force US PACOM Air Force US STRATCOM Bureau of Engraving & Printing City of Glendale, CA
City of Virginia Beach DOD OSD BMSI Department of Commerce - NTIA Department of Commerce PTO
Department of Education SFA Department of Education HQ Department of State DOI CIO
Federal Railroad Administration FERC Forest Service GAO
GSA IRS Joint Forces Command Lawrence Livermore National Labs
National Park Service Navy ONR Navy NAVSISA NASA HQ
NASA Centers NOAA Office of the Comptroller OMB
OPM Security and Exchange Commission Smithsonian Treasury - US Mint
USDA HQ USDA RMA US Postal Service US Coast Guard
US Commerce Department US Forrest Service US Patent and Trademark US PACOM/J2T2
US Senate University of Leuven (Belgium) Veterans Administration VA Veterans Benefits Administration
White House - EOP U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  Department of Justice Marshals Service  National Defense University 



Aerospace Corporation Accenture AAMC ABSS
Ace Insurance Areotech ALENT Tech Group Ambit Group
Analytics and Mechanics Assoc Anteon Apteon Arinc
AT Corp Atlas Air Avera Link Avineon Inc
BAE Systems BAH Baker Hughes Inc Batelle
BEA Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Binary Group Blue Grid
BluePrint BMC Software Boeing Booz Allen Hamilton
BTA Burk Consortium Inc CACI Centric Group
CGI Citizant CNC Concept/Wave
Conquest-Boeing Converge Networks Corp CPPE Criterion Systems Inc
CSC CSG Government Solutions CTR USAID Data Networks Corp
Davidson Tech Decypher Defence Research Defense logistics Agency
Dell Deloitte Diamond Cluster International Didata
DigitalNet DTRA Dux Dillgens Eagan McAllister
East Bank Technologies EDO Corp EDS EG&G
EOP Erdlab ERPi Estee Lauder
Fannie Mae FMI Freddie Mac Freedom Info Systems
Fulcrum IT Services Gartner Group GCT Inc General Dynamics
Geocent GEOLOGICS GoDaddy.com Inc GroupoActivity (Spain)
Harris HBO Headstrong Hewlett Packard
IBM ICF Consulting IDA ifcom
Independent Consultants Information Dynamics Infos3 Infosoft Inc
Ingenium Corp Intelicor Intelligent Decisions Invertix
IS3 Inc ITCS J Crew Jacobs Technology
Johns Hopkins University - APL JTSI Inc Kaz Group Keane
Knowledge Code L-3 Communications Lattice Inc Litmus Logic
Lockheed Martin Co Mantech Martin James Assoc Matersys
Mercury Insurance Metadata MGT Group Mitre Morgan Franklin
Mosaic Inc Nielsen Company Northrup Grumman Novell
NTT Data Agilnet (Japan) Oracle PacTel Phase Onc Inc
Raytheon RG2 RGS Assoc Rose International
RSIS SAIC Samsung (Korea) Schafer
Sci Group ScotCro SKCC (Korea) SRA
Stanley Associates Inc Summaria Sys Inc Titan WBB
Tasc VAAP Technologies Vangent Verizon

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