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Our Challenge Path to CEA Certification is for those experienced individuals who desire the Certified Enterprise Architect designation and who believe they already possess the necessary skills to pass the examination and practicum project without instruction.

Upon registration, candidates must pay the non-refundable $299US Application Fee (to be applied to overall cost of course) in order to initiate our professional reference check for acceptance into the Challenge Path to Certification. The following link is an example pdf of the application so that you can prepare for the questions. Upon registration, you will receive a link to the actual application to be filled out online: Application Example

Upon acceptance, candidates must pay the non-refundable $299US Examination Fee (to be applied to overall cost of course) and pass the comprehensive examination. Candidates are allowed one make-up examination for technical difficulties and must wait 6 weeks to re-take the exam if passing grade is not achieved.

Upon passing the examination, candidates will enter the final phase of the Challenge Path and must pay the balance of fees due (less the Application and Examination Fees). Candidates will be given 6 weeks to complete their Practicum Project: and integrated architecture description and analysis based on a directed problem set.


  • Total Cost:
    • $5999
  • Cost Breakdown:
    • $299 Application Fee (Non-refundable)
    • $299 Examination Fee (Non-refundable)
    • $5,401 Challenge Path Balance

Certifications and Rewards:

  • CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) designation from our CEA Accrediting Examination Board
  • FEAC Diploma in electronic or printed format
  • Certification Verification on the FEAC web site here
  • CEA logo for use with your business cards and/or email signatures
  • CEA lapel pin and FEAC™ Institute baseball cap
  • Ability to join a large network of FEAC™ Alumni who participate in invited forums, conferences and other FEAC™ sponsored events


  • The Challenge Path is totally self-paced and done completely on-line in our Virtual University


  • Candidates must provide the necessary experience in the Enterprise Architecture space and community to be considered for the Challenge Path



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