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Congratulations to Mr. Rolf Siegers!

The 2018 EA Hall of Fame Award Winner 


Summary Description of Mr. Siegers' contributions to the Enterprise Architecture practice, promotion or professionalism:

Rolf’s involvement with ‘modern-day architecture’ began in the mid-1990s. His initial focus on software and systems architecture expanded to enterprise architecture, where he leveraged EA concepts and constructs to enhance design work in the software and systems arenas. Rolf was the earliest advocate of enterprise architecture used across the Engineering organization at Raytheon.

Rolf led a series of architecture teams on national and international programs beginning in 1997. Years later he transitioned from the direct proposal and program activities to organizational architecture initiatives, allowing him to leverage his expertise and impact a wider array of Raytheon pursuits and programs, first across his Business unit and then across the company.

Rolf's first company-wide architecture-related initiative was leading a team developing the Raytheon Enterprise Architecture Process (REAP) to standardize the architecting activities of enterprise architects, systems architects, and software architects. REAP was launched for company-wide deployment in 2002 and continues to see widespread use today. It has been used across all Raytheon Businesses (the U.S and abroad) on over 850 engagements spanning numerous domains, Customer communities, program sizes (sub-$1M to multi-$B), and types (proposals, programs, campaigns, IRaDs, organizational initiatives).

REAP standardizes architecture development, description, and assessment across Raytheon. It integrates a variety of well-established government and industry standards developed for the enterprise, system, and software architecture realms. The primary standards unified in REAP are: Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Zachman® Framework for Enterprise Architecture, Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), and the Software Engineering Institute’s Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM®).

Rolf has been the REAP's principal author for each of its releases. The REAP was independently assessed by The Open Group and achieved the ‘Recognized Method’ status. It is the only architecture process in the Aerospace & Defense industry with this credential.

Rolf leads the Raytheon Mission Architecture Program, a company-wide initiative unifying several architecture competency initiatives under one ‘umbrella structure’ to ensure their alignment via common leadership and governance. RayMAP is a group of architecture initiatives that support and standardize Raytheon Engineering’s architecture governance, process, training and certification, collaborations, reference architectures, and tools.

Rolf leads Raytheon’s Certified Architect Program (CAP) and co-leads Raytheon’s Software Architecture Development Program (SwAP). These programs provide expert-level architecture instruction to Raytheon’s top enterprise, systems, and software architects. Raytheon’s Certified Architect Program is the only accredited certified architect program in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

The architecture competency established by Rolf for Raytheon Engineering & Technology was also adopted many years ago by the Raytheon Information Technology organization. Their organization leverages REAP and CAP in support of the ‘internal’ enterprise architecture activities of Raytheon.

Rolf established and/or supports a number of key relationships between Raytheon and academia, consortia, government, and industry to further the architecture practice across the company. Examples include Raytheon’s collaboration with the Software Engineering Institute, The Open Group, Stevens Institute of Technology’s System Architecture Forum, Penn State University’s Center for Enterprise Architecture, Zachman International, International Council on Systems Engineering’s (INCOSE) Architecture Working Group, Object Management Group, US DoD Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), and ISO architecture standards committees. 

Rolf has coordinated Raytheon-wide feedback in support of the evolution of several international architecture standards. These include:

  • ISO 15704: Enterprise modelling and architecture — Requirements for enterprise-reference architectures and methodologies
  • ISO 19440: Enterprise modelling and architecture – Constructs for Enterprise Modelling
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010: Systems and software engineering — Architecture description
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020: Architecture processes
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 42030: Systems and Software Engineering — Architecture Evaluation Framework

Rolf is a longstanding member of Raytheon’s Corporate Architecture Board (CAB), the company-wide governance authority over REAP and CAP. He is a past Chair of the CAB and currently sits on it as a Business Lead and Curriculum Committee Chair. Rolf is also prominently engaged in the certification process, having supported over 230 certification and recertification boards.

Rolf is a focal point for all-things-architecture across Raytheon. The ongoing success of the programs and collaborations which he established continues to expand architecture capabilities across the enterprise—a testament to his passion, leadership and motivational skills.



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