2018 Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results - Industry


Congratulations to:

TVS Credit Services Ltd.



TVSCS - A move towards Enterprise technology transformation



TVSCS Enterprise Architecture (EA) adapted a comprehensive framework for managing and aligning IT assets, operations, projects and people with operational characteristics. It ensures alignment between business vision, planning, organization strategy, and IT strategy. It also defines how our information and technology supports, benefits the business and enables linkages to our partners.

The framework used by TVSCS EA team also provides enterprise-level guidance for the organization’s technical infrastructure and allows for the identification of services, standards, concepts, components and configurations that are used to guide development, support deployment and ongoing operations. 
EA provides the reference model for information system infrastructure and the applications that are supported by it while establishing a common vocabulary across services and systems. 
It identifies standards and guidelines and facilitates the kind of development that leads to interoperability between systems and portability of components for cost reduction through the re-use of common services. TVSCS EA uses a blended/hybrid architecture methodology aligned with Design thinking, TOGAF and a number of other industry-standard frameworks like COBIT, ITIL, and DevOps, etc.




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