Alumni Showcase

ALUMNI SHOW CASE for Thomas W. Stanley, III

Thomas W. Stanley, III               

Graduated FEAC: 2012

BlackBelt w/specialization in DODAF

Further Education Background

BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MS in Engineering Management specializing in Enterprise Architecture




ITIL V3.0 Expert

Question #1 Please give a brief description of the work you are doing now.

I support the US Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Service Extended (US BICES-X). The mission focus is intelligence sharing between military intelligence organization and foreign partners/coalitions. I also interface with the larger DOD architecture activities such as the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E), Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) family of systems, and Joint Information Environment Mission Partner Environment (JIE MPE).

Question #2: How has Enterprise Architecture shaped your thinking?

My approach EA Enterprise Architecture has helped me clearly articulate a message to specific audiences. Focusing on audience perspective in viewpoints and discussions in general aids me in leading transformation activities with diverse and often opposing groups. Focusing on capabilities for the good of all is a strong unifier.

Question #3: What types of continuing education activities do you engage in to further your EA skills?

I attend Gartner EA and OMG events. I attend the EA conferences in the DC Metro.

Question #4: What advice would you offer to other EAs looking to advance their careers?

Focus on business results, not EA products. EA should achieve the business transformation goals with the lowest possible EA investment. EA products are vital to foundational data exchanges, but C-level executives need quick summaries in their language along with a strategy to move forward. Always tailor the message to the audience.

Question #5: What do you see as one of the challenges facing Enterprise Architects in the work place?

I approach EA from the business perspective based on my previous program manager background. I often see system engineers assume architect roles and perform engineering, not architecture.

Question #6: What do you believe are important characteristics for an EA professional to possess?

Inquisitive: Question everything Positive: Identified problems are opportunities to improve Humble: It is not personal, products should start the discussion Vocal: Name the elephant in the room Self Confidence: Do your homework! Approachable : Everyone is an architect, do not operate in an ivory tower Share your experience: Tell anecdotes and stories, not prescriptive solutions Coaching : Someone needs to take your place when you become CIO/CTO

Question #7: What insight/advice/counsel would you like to share with the Enterprise Architecture community?

A completed EA description is not “right or correct”, it is defendable... Decisions about data presentation should follow the transformation goal – strategically align views to achieve business results. Never surprise your sponsor.

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