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The FEAC Institute... Teaching to the Practice of Enterprise Architecture since 2002

Since 2002, the FEAC® Institute has been training, educating and certifying Enterprise Architects in the practice of Enterprise Architecture all around the globe. Over the years, we have certified thousands of Enterprise Architects in various Enterprise Architecture frameworks and methodologies like FEAF, DoDAF, TOGAF and more. Countless FEAC graduates have gone on to high-level Government positions and executive-level private sector positions upon earning their CEA™ (Black Belt) or ACEA™ (Green Belt) designations. Only FEAC offers these designations with a world-class faculty of practitioners who are Enterprise Architects in the real world, and which has included current and former US Federal Chief Enterprise Architects. 



Train the way you Work

Upon successful completion of coursework, exams and presentations, we take pride in offering our CEAs and ACEAs public certification verification to their clients and potential employers in our live Certification Search on our web site. For over a decade, graduates have proven their skills over and over by employing their FEAC training in Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology (IT) jobs across the globe!

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As the longest running Enterprise Architecture certifying body of practitioners in the US, the FEAC curriculum is very rigorous and is accredited by the California State University system. We take you from EA theory to practice and show you how to actually perform Enterprise Architecture as part of your day-to-day career. Our courses are like none in the industry because they are practicum-based. We do not just prepare you to take a test; we are a competency-based program, where we not only teach you to understand Enterprise Architecture and its practice, but you actually complete a live Enterprise Architecture project throughout the Black Belt (CEA) and Green Belt (ACEA) programs. You will learn the actual PRACTICE in real time!

In addition, no certification program would be complete without a knowledge of the Enterprise Ontology- The Zachman Framework™ (for more details check out:  Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Certifications. What's the Difference?). Being owned and operated by Zachman International®, only the FEAC Institute can boast that the "father of Enterprise Architecture" himself, John A. Zachman, has direct influence on the curriculum and instruction given and has taught in the programs since 2002. Students are trained in the ontology and then shown how the methodology is used in conjunction for a more "scientific EA."


If you want to be the best, then be trained by the best. Only FEAC has the track record and history to teach you the theory and discipline of Enterprise Architecture and then how to practically apply that theory to reality and actually practice it. Learn from world-class practitioners the knowledge and experience you need to take your career to the next level!


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Some of the things you will learn:
  • Concepts: Laws, Regulations, Concepts, Theories, Principles, Methodology — Creating Enterprise Architecture Understanding & Awareness
  • Planning: Preparation, Planning, Requirements For Business — Develop a SOW (Statement of Work), How to Institutionalize Governance & Management Foundations.
  • Implementation: Using Internal Implementation, Marketing, Selling, & Sustainment To Manage Change.
  • Core and Support Product Development.
  • Integration: Data, Application, Technology & How to Bridge Business to IT
  • Modeling and Analysis.
  • Framework Basics and specific deliverables with analysis.
  • Methodology Framework comparisons and the Enterprise Ontology (The Zachman Framework).
  • Green Belt and Black Belts do a live project.
  • And much, much more!

Our program is very simple:

We run our ACEA (Green Belt) and CEA (Black Belt) programs 3 times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring in accordance with the US University academic schedule. Our Foundations in Enterprise Architecture Bootcamp is run during those times as well and soon to be available totally online.

You can attend these courses live and in-person, or virtually, online during the scheduled times. Our virtual sessions run at the same time as the live sessions and are an incredible experience technologically. Most students feel that they are in the class with the other students- even when they are online. The cameras follow the instructors around the room (no talking heads), online students can talk into the room for conversation and interaction with instructors and other students, and they see all slide decks and course materials live on their own screens (not just a picture of the screen in the room).

The beauty of our Green Belt and Black Belt programs is that these courses are not just test preperation. The hard part about certifications that only prepare you to take a test is that it becomes very difficult back at the office. We have some tests in our program in order to satisfy the University, however the bulk of the learning comes from the practicum project. You bring a real life problem into class, we divide you into teams, and the team works on the project, builds the necessary models and then you do the analytics. It's practical, hand's on experience. Our instructors are with you the whole time making sure that you understand the concepts.

Take your career to the next level and learn by doing. 





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