Black Belt & Green Belt Programs

Black Belt (CEA) and Green Belt (ACEA) Programs

Since 2002, the FEAC® Institute has been training, educating and certifying Enterprise Architects and business analysts in the practice of Enterprise Architecture and critical-thinking skills all around the globe. Over the years, we have certified thousands of Enterprise Architects in enterprise and business analysis using Information Technology and various Enterprise Architecture frameworks and methodologies like FEAF, DoDAF, TOGAF and more. Countless FEAC graduates have gone on to high-level Government positions and executive-level private sector positions upon earning their CEA™ (Black Belt) or ACEA™ (Green Belt) designations. Only FEAC offers these designations with a world-class faculty of practitioners who are Enterprise Architects in the real world, and which has included current and former US Federal Chief Enterprise Architects.

You can take your career to the next level with our world-class Enterprise Architecture education and even earn the coveted CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) Black Belt, or ACEA (Associate Certified Enterprise Architect) Green Belt certifications in Enterprise Architecture. Whether you are brand new to EA, or a seasoned IT professional, our courses will broaden your understanding of Enterprise Architecture and modeling.

CEA Black Belt ACEA Green Belt

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Any education or certification in Enterprise Architecture needs to be grounded in both frameworks (i.e. Ontologies) and methodologies. We offer education in Enterprise Architecture that gives students broad exposure to the Enterprise Ontology and a range of framework and methodology choices with specialization in the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF). Each of these Enterprise Architecture Frameworks have proven to have immediate applicability and impact in the private sector as well as the Federal space. FEAF and DoDAF are very powerful Frameworks and you don't have to be in Government to derive immediate EA impact from either of them! 

Newly re-designed, our Black Belt and Green Belt Programs now equip you to learn both Frameworks, with much more depth in analytics and problem solving using various tools from around the industry!




Based on years as EA educators and practitioners, we understand the need that Enterprise Architects have for a robust and complete set of artifacts through their own methodologies that will give any Private Sector Organization or Government agency EAs the ability to employ enterprise architecture and analyze their enterprise efforts with success. In addition to these frameworks (students choose which track for certification), we provide a comparative Frameworks overview that allows students to explore differences, similarities as well as recognized patterns between DODAF, FEAF, TOGAF, Zachman and more. We also provide an understanding of how to apply several different modeling languages such as BPMN, SysML, IDEF and others.

Enterprise Architecture can be your personal, analytical tool to help you make important decisions about your organization. Learn how EA can give you the tools for analysis to:

  • Interpret Business Needs
  • Translate Technical Complexities
  • Scope High-level Vision
  • Be a Political Guide
  • Identify, Model and Document Project Details and Requirements
  • Test and Validate Requirements and Analysis Models
  • Develop Teams
  • Represent Project Stakeholders
  • Identify and Model Process Requirements
  • Identify and Model Data Requirements
  • Identify Business Rules Requirements
  • Identify Test Requirements and understand Analysis for Decision Making
  • Learn to Manage Requirements and Joint Application Development
  • Scope Projects
  • Understand and write Use Cases
  • Improve Business Processes
  • Understand Technical Specifications
  • Analyze Cost to Benefit
  • Lead and Manage Projects
  • ...and More!

And no Enterprise Architecture would be complete without some understanding of the Zachman Framework, or Enterprise Ontology, which is the baseline for all Frameworks. Being owned and operated by Zachman International, you can be confident in the rigor of the instruction given and completeness in Enterprise Architecture education you receive.

Zachman Framework 3.0

Our certification courses are not just an exercise in test preparation. In addition to world-class instruction, we will guide you through a real-life practicum project. You pick the project, and your team will develop the models and architecture to solve real business problems in class. Designed to be practical and immediately applicable for the working IT Professional, the FEAC Institute's world-renown certification programs are the longest running EA programs in the country. This is real, University-backed Enterprise Architecture and competency-based learning.


The FEAC Institute has been training and certifying Enterprise Architects since 2002 (read more). If you want to be the best... learn from the best!


Many organizations invest significant dollars in attempting to apply the discipline of Enterprise Architecture without the benefit of fully qualified staff to do the analysis and the EA modeling and program support activities to make it work. This increases the risk and likelihood of failure, for them and/or their clients. FEAC™ Certification of your staff ensures the keys to complex projects’ success residing in understanding and leveraging the culture of the organization, tying into the budgeting processes, developing a realistic Statement of Work (SOW), selling it internally, implementing and integrating program elements, and measuring progress. For the Government, it also involves linking Enterprise Architecture to the CPIC, Exhibits 300 & 53, security, and to other ongoing OMB directed initiatives.

The FEAC™ Institute understands all of these various needs, whether government or public sector, and can build the skills needed to succeed in your Enterprise Architecture program, project, career or community. We offer the following programs for different levels of educational needs:


Certifications and Rewards

  • CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) or ACEA (Associate Certified Enterprise Architect) designation from our CEA Accrediting Examination Board
  • FEAC Diploma in electronic or printed format
  • Certification Verification on the FEAC web site here
  • CEA logo for use with your business cards and/or email signatures
  • CEA lapel pin and FEAC™ Institute baseball cap
  • Transferrable Graduate Credits if desired and paid for
  • Ability to join a large network of FEAC™ Alumni who participate in invited forums, conferences and other FEAC™ sponsored events




 Enterprise Architecture Certification Programs


CEA (Black Belt) Program Fee for Private Sector (Industry and Commercial) $11,000
ACEA (Green Belt) Program Fee for Private Sector (Industry and Commercial) $5,500
CEA (Black Belt) Program Fee for Government Employee $10,000
ACEA (Green Belt) Program Fee for Government Employee $5,000
CEA (Black Belt) Completion Program Fee (Must be done within 2 years of ACEA completion. Select Black Belt course and enter BBCOMPLETE at checkout) $5,500
Foundations in Enterprise Architecture Bootcamp (Live Course) $2000
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Discounts for having attended Workshops

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Discount for ACEA or CEA Registration - $500
Foundations in Enterprise Architecture Bootcamp Discount for ACEA or CEA Registration -$750
(Discounts may not be combined - only one discount per registration is applicable)
Additional Costs for receiving 8 Graduate Credits (Black Belt) + $3,500 

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