Live Daytime Online Training

The FEAC Institute's Webcast training allows you to attend a live training event from the convenience of your own computer. Both private and public Webcast courses let you experience the energy of a live FEAC classroom, while benefitting from the features of remote training.

Whether you're needing to advance you career with the many education courses we have to offer, or you are in need of EADUs (Enteprise Architecture Development Units) to maintain you CEA or ACEA status, one of the FEAC Institute's Webcast courses can help you to get world class training in a convenient format.

Webcast Program Features:

  • Convenient online format
  • All study materials
  • Archived lectures
  • EADU credit

FEAC Webcast was designed to give you all of the benefits of both a live event and remote learning. Students who use Webcast are able to avoid travel, learn from the best in the business, interact with their classroom and review their course afterwards at their own pace.

We will be launching a vast array of Webcast courses in 2017 with multiple tracks to different certifications. For starters, check out the courses below:


 FEAC Webcast Courses:


Dates Course Price
August 18, 2017 The Role of the Enterprise Architect FREE
November 7-9, 2017 Enterprise Architecture Skills Workshops $199 per Session USD