How are FEAC courses taught?

The FEAC Institute uses a mix of different teaching methodologies and learning environments. The heart of the learning environment is our learning management system is our Virtual University (VU). Access to the FEAC VU is provided on day one of a course start date. The FEAC VU is where students access the course syllabus, training materials, assessments, etc. However, FEAC uses a mix of synchronous and asynchronous teaching methodologies. This means students also engage with FEAC faculty members in our virtual classroom environment. Presently, this is a Zoom ™ based platform. FEAC certification courses use a flipped-classroom approach for instructor-led virtual classroom sessions. This approach puts learning materials ahead of class sessions. During class sessions, the student will engage in workshops, develop architecture artifacts in a mentored environment, and receive immediate feedback. Additional software tools provided by the FEAC Institute include EA tools that help reinforce the proper development of architecture artifacts and their analysis.  

  • Wednesday, 03 November 2021

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