Who in Government has taken the FEAC Certification?

The FEAC™Institute has trained many of the Chief Architects in the US Federal Government as well as officials of several other foreign governments including Australia and New Zealand. We have certified architects from Mexico, Japan. Korea, Indonesia and the Netherlands. Approximately 20 of the US Government agencies Chief Architects hold CEAs from the FEAC™Institute, including a former Chief architect for the US Government. The current Chief Architect of the US in OMB is a former FEAC Faculty. Federal agencies certifying their architects through our program include: NASA, HHS, VA, FEMA, DHS, LOC, and the DoD all certified many of their Architects at the FEAC™Institute. In total more than 500 government architects have received CEAs at the FEAC™Institute.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
  • Posted in: Who

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