Who should NOT take the EA Certification Courses?

UPDATED 12/19: Our CEA Black Belt course is 5 graduate quarter courses in 12 weeks. That’s like taking 15 hours in college and working a full time job. If you are not committed to being successful or doing what is required to complete the curriculum, don’t start. Wait until you can commit to doing the work.

If you know nothing at all about EA nor planning, project management nor IT, that is alright. You may have to do some extra work to keep up, but it can be done. We have certified many Architects brand new to there position. In fact, you don't have bad habits toovercome.

If you cannot commit to the amount of effort that is required, delay until you can. FEAC will gladly discuss your situation and advise you about your readiness to take on the EA Certification.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
  • Posted in: Who

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