Words to Justify Attendance

Words to Justify Attendance

The following are some justifications of time and cost to pursue an Enterprise Architecture training program or Enterprise Architecture Certification for your Organization, Agency, or Contract.

Our experience suggests that it may be best to convince your management to take the funds from the major program having the greatest current visibility because Enterprise Architecture will allow for a better planning framework and tool to do things for the important project right the first time. Using regular program funds can help you develop a viable low risk and cost effective project plan using Enterprise Architecture.

Some organizations still use training funds in order to attend the FEAC™ program, but more and more students are allowed to leverage real project work by becoming certified. Contractors can also sign up as part of a contract (approved by the Government) to do Enterprise Architecture because, and as participants in the program, they actually perform all of the major phases of Enterprise Architecture work, chosen by them for a particular client. A team of Agency staffers or a team of contractors can accomplish work assigned as part of the FEAC™ Institute certification program and gain the training, expertise and Certification for Enterprise Architecture all at the same time. 

The following are some sample justifications:

quote left

"The ROI from this program is a multiple of the funds invested because you will actually be constructing/performing a piece of an architecture with core products required, receiving value far beyond what you would get working blindly on a team, without the experience and guidance of the FEAC™ Institute practitioner faculty.”

  “Learn how to successfully implement and manage an Enterprise Architecture program as required by OMB and Congress, get to green, and master a body of knowledge through guidance with mostly practical application and material.” quote right
quote left “Be able to obtain industry practitioner expertise to get a critical subset of Enterprise Architecture foundation in place and manage the project efficiently and with less risk.”  
  “Define requirements for managing expectations on both the Government and the Contractor side for large Government projects.” quote right
quote left “Reduce the risk and cost to the Agency in accomplishing modernization and Business changes as required by law.”  
  “Produce a viable Agency architecture program and in the process develop an Agency Enterprise Architecture knowledgebase which will assist in capturing knowledge from employees before they retire, retaining critical knowledge for the effective operation of the business and mission of the organization. “ quote right
quote left “Know how to establish and institutionalize the governance necessary to make the Agency’s Enterprise Architecture a success and a platform for managing change.”  
  “Find your own way out of the current general market confusion about Enterprise Architecture. Set your own direction for your projects and not be confused by FEA(F), DODAF, UAF, PMO, SOA, Ontology, Reference Models, Enterprise Architecture tools, EA Methods and especially Enterprise Architecture frameworks.” quote right

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